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Conditions of Use (T&C’s)

Placing an order presupposes acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

1. Subject Matter

1.1 The Company Guaranteed Site One on Google (under MobileNetSolution), hereinafter referred to Guaranteed Site One on Google, provides services in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimized web design, the goal is to place the websites of customers in the results of the major search engines better and thus lead more visitors to the customer websites. It is ruled out that the search engine results for all the major search engines will be the same. As major search engines, we can see, Google, MSN, Yahoo.

1.2 The contractual relationships between Guaranteed Site One on Google and the customer only the following general terms and conditions (GTC) apply. Counter-confirmations of the Customer with regard to its own terms and conditions are hereby expressly rejected. Deviations from these Conditions are only effective if they are confirmed in writing and signed by Guaranteed Site One on Google.

2. Non-binding offer and conclusion of contract

2.1 All our offers are non-binding. For an acceptance of the order / orders of the client, it must be in writing but which is to be confirmed in writing by Guaranteed Site One on Google.

2.2 All deliveries, services and offers are made solely on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. Subsidiary agreements must be in writing.

2.3 Here are conditions of the client not part of the contract, also not when Guaranteed Site One on Google does not expressly contradict while the contract is still carried out / was.

2.4 Employees of Guaranteed Site One on Google may meet in any form service descriptions and tariffs as well as deviating agreements, in particular, you can not guarantee make statements regarding the number of visitors to reach.

3. Terms of Reference Guaranteed Site One on Google SEO

3.1 Guaranteed Site One on Google optimized webpage, under the requirement is specifically designed the website for optimization, an improved positioning in the search result pages of major search services during the agreed contract period. The optimization is carried out for the customer agreed with keywords and keyword sets, so-called keywords. This is usually called on specially created websites, even tunnel side, omitted in most cases, unless the customer requests this explicitly.

3.2 Guaranteed Site One on Google will link the website optimized in a long process with several pages. Should the customer’s request entries are placed in paid portals so Guaranteed Site One on Google will pass the cost to the customer. Furthermore Guaranteed Site One on Google reports the pages in other directories and catalogs manually.

3.3 As a payroll-relevant positions the first 10 results for a search query the agreed keywords are defined. There are billed even if the agreed Kewords not show up in all major search engines as a top postion.

3.4 A Top 10 – position is reached when one of the Guaranteed Site One on Google of optimized or created pages will be listed among the top 10 search results of the major search service.

3.5 Guaranteed Site One on Google can optimize Related keywords various clients. Guaranteed Site One on Google is not going to give a principal priority.

4. Warranty and Warranty

4.1 Guaranteed Site One on Google takes over the guarantee that it to the best of my knowledge and belief optimizes the customer’s website that.
It can not guarantee take over as the corresponding pitch ends Algorytmen the search engines changed their, and what impact this has on the website of the client.

4.2 Guaranteed Site One on Google is one sign the offer in the terms of reference of the paid search services. The search service does not guarantee that the notified sites be included in the form. This also applies to Guaranteed Site One on Google.

4.3 Guaranteed Site One on Google can not guaranteed the performance of third parties, for example, network services, Web services, or link-giving sites are always represented on the Internet.

4.4 Guaranteed Site One on Google may provide guarantee by rectification. Any repairs must be carried out by a new application of the Internet sites and by the further knowledge and its application to the website of the client.

4.5 The customer has to prove that he has the defects reported in writing against Guaranteed Site One on Google and that the shortcomings in the rule based on the services provided by Guaranteed Site One on Google.

5. Intellectual property right of use / copyrights

5.1 Guaranteed Site One on Google must be conceded to the threads of her pages and content for the website to be optimized all copyright use powers, insofar as they are not expressly granted by this agreement the client.

5.2 To Customer Web Sites provided Material, such as Pictures, Codes, Text and Design and other digital Media created from and through Guaranteed Site One on Google remain intellectual property of MobileNetSolution trading as Guaranteed Site One on Google. Client Web Sites or Programs which are running on Guaranteed Site One on Google Server or under the Service of Guaranteed Site One on Google which includes Material, provided or created from Guaranteed Site One on Google are granted a limited license only for purpose of viewing the material on the website.

5.3 Except for the rights expressly granted to the Licensee under this Agreement, the Licensor will retain all right, title and interest in and to the Licensed Technology, including all worldwide Technology and intellectual property and proprietary rights.

5.4 The Licensee shall not remove, efface or obscure any copyright notices or other proprietary notices or legends from any Licensed Technology or materials provided under this Agreement, and shall reproduce all such notices and legends when incorporating Licensed Technology or materials into any Integrated Products.

5.5 “MobileNetSolution trading as Guaranteed Site One on Google” will charge an Intellectual Property transfer fee should the Client wish to gain the full rights of the, from “MobileNetSolution trading as Guaranteed Site One on Google” created, intellectual property and proprietary material.

5.6 The customer is especially obliged to bear all legal responsibilities, particularly with regard to copyright, youth protection and media law and the right to their own image to take over for commissioned publications and to publish only text and images or to provide for publication on where he has appropriate licenses and for which there is consent may be required is depicted persons.
The customer ensures that the selected keywords that do not interfere with rights of third parties, in particular not violate the law against unfair competition or trademark law.
The customer is exclusively responsible for the content of the website. This is especially true with regard to copyright, youth protection, personality rights of third parties.
The customer provides “MobileNetSolution trading as Guaranteed Site One on Google” from potential claims by third parties arising from rights violations freely through the used keywords or because of the contents of the website.
The customer is liable “MobileNetSolution trading as Guaranteed Site One on Google” against any and all damages arising from the breach of the abovementioned obligations of these General Terms and Conditions.

6. Prices, payment, maturity

6.1 All prices are gross prices. The invoicing is done to x% as payment, shall prevail is the offer, and the final settlement in principle with the provision of services or partial services.

6.2 For services, the Guaranteed Site One on Google can not provide at the registered office, the separate travel, expenses and also, where appropriate, accommodation costs are still charged. This car journeys are abgerechtnet with € 0.40 per kilometer. Hotel costs are billed at cost, meals according to a daily rate, which may vary depending on the location.

6.3 The customer may only offset undisputed or legally established claims.

6.4 The calculation of paid search service entries, in advance prior to engage in any of the entries. Here, Guaranteed Site One on Google reserves to demand from individuals and private companies the fees for registrations in advance.

6.5 The invoicing of the optimization is carried out to 60% as advance payment, which is due no later than 6 days. The basis of the final settlement of the status report is created by Guaranteed Site One on Google, which lists the reached placements.

6.6 Guaranteed Site One on Google can from occurrence of default of 10 days interest rate of 4% above the base rate. The assertion of further delay damages remains unaffected.

6.7 Invoicing takes place in accordance with the written order confirmation and shall be due immediately and without deduction generally. Are deviations in the order confirmation, invoice or agreed in writing. For paying the monthly maintenance fee no contract period will be charged. The Customer may terminate within one month, but also the attitude of the ongoing work on the SEO result. All bills are due including applicable VAT within 6 working days after the invoice date. Google AdWord budget payments are always due in advance, and only when a honest customer relationship, over a longer time period is established, Guaranteed Site One on Google is granting a credit line out of generosity and based on trust. Until payment of the full invoice amount with all rights to deliveries and services owned by “MobileNetSolution”. “MobileNetSolution” reserves the right to terminate without respite access to the relevant offer until receiving of the outstanding amount. “MobileNetSolution” reserves the right to revoke ALL services and access (AdWords, Hosting, Websites, Databases etc), to the customer until payment is received in full. With delay of payment, all rebates, discounts and other remuneration or agreements granted lapsed. Offsetting against a compensation claim by “MobileNetSolution” is permissible only with undisputed or legally established claims. “MobileNetSolution” reserves the right to collect payments in gross amount immediately after the order is placed. “MobileNetSolution” is entitled to assign outstanding receivables to a third party – a special consent of the client is not necessary for this.

7. Contract Term and Termination

7.1 The service search engine optimization and search engine marketing is paid to those adopted by customers maturities on offer, completed.

7.2 Important reasons for a premature termination of the contract by Guaranteed Site One on Google include the following:

7.2.1 The principal must suspends payment or bankruptcy or judicial composition proceedings are opened which is rejected due to lack of assets.
7.2.2 There are seized claims of the client and the seizure is not canceled within two weeks.
7.2.3 If the Party refuses or fails denied the declaration of providers moving or changing the login information (passwords, user name) that have been performed, and MSN are the entrances to the machined side.
7.2.4 The contractor is in the deceit and MSN withholds untrue characteristics that make an implementation of commissioning impossible.
7.2.5 Guaranteed Site One on Google retains no backups, in this sense Guaranteed Site One on Google can not be held responsible if a customer cancels and has performed no assurance of its existing Internet presence. Upon termination of a domain, or move a domain to another provider, the customer, the space is freed deal.
7.2.6 The contractor does not comply with the agreed provisions on the admissibility of the set on the ranking pages content and terms and arbitrarily changed or infringes essential contractual obligations.
7.2.7 The contract for domains is, unless otherwise agreed, closed with a maturity of 12 months. If the contract is concluded for a fixed period or has been agreed with the customer a minimum contract term, as the contract extended by the agreed term or minimum term, but no more than two years when he is not with a period of four weeks to the expiry of the specified time or expiry of the minimum contract period is terminated. Guaranteed Site One on Google is for contracts that have a maturity or a minimum contract period of up to twelve months, at the earliest after one month entitled to terminate the contract with a notice period of three months to the end of the month. This also applies if the contract has been extended for a certain period. Guaranteed Site One on Google is for contracts that have a maturity or a minimum contract term of more than twelve months and up to twenty-four months the right to terminate the contract within a period of 6 months at month-end. A running indefinitely contractual relationship can be terminated by either party without stating reasons within a period of 30 days to the end of the month. Guaranteed Site One on Google is entitled to release the Domain of the customer after completion of the contract and full outstanding payments, domain and hosting payments are always due immediately on receiving of the yearly invoice. At the latest with this release extinguish all rights of the customer from the registry. This does not affect the right of both parties to terminate without notice for good cause. An important reason for Guaranteed Site One on Google ago especially when the customer is a sum of at least one monthly fee in arrears.

Any termination must be in written form, which shall be deemed met by facsimile.
Dismissals in e-mail form will not be accepted

8. Responsibility of Guaranteed Site One on Google and exempting them

8.1 Guaranteed Site One on Google will not examine whether the present on the website content or the website / URL of the client in any way violates the rights of third parties. The Client is thus solely responsible for the permissibility and non-infringement and also registered by him Kewords and content of its pages, especially what meets the copyright, competition and criminal offense.

8.2 In this case, Guaranteed Site One on Google reserves the right to reject such terms or contracts and not to be used for optimization if it will be prosecuted or serve a manifestly unlawful facts.

8.3 hereby indemnifies the client Guaranteed Site One on Google from all claims of third parties arising from the fact that the principal piece of text used that are banned or the client thus violates the rights of third parties.

9. Obligation to Cooperate of the contracting party
9.1 This is the client obliged to provide the necessary participation to that Guaranteed Site One on Google can perform the agreed contractual performance.

9.2 The client is hereby obliged to examine all services provided by Guaranteed Site One on Google immediately and thereby may occur defects in writing to defects with an exact description. This takes Guaranteed Site One on Google after the notice of defects by the client the necessary troubleshooting before. Should Mr. exhibit this is that no errors exist or the fault is not responsible of Guaranteed Site One on Google has happened, Guaranteed Site One on Google may provide the incurred expenses in accounting.

9.3 Should Guaranteed Site One on Google on request of the client or provider error no FTP access, the customer bears the Related Costs.

10. Liability of Guaranteed Site One on Google

10.1 Guaranteed Site One on Google can be held liable only for intent or gross negligence for any damages which may be (z. B. non-performance, delay, warranty, negligence in contracting, Besides breach of duty or tort). It is the liability for auxiliary persons is restricted to the pure intent.

10.3 The statutory liability for personal injury and under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

10.4 For the retrieval of lost data Guaranteed Site One on Google can only be only be held liable if the customer has ensured that these data can be copied from the content provided in machine-readable form data sets with reasonable effort. This limitation shall not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence.


Information to revoke and contact opportunities. Right of withdrawal (consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose that is neither commercial nor their independent vocational activity may be attributed)

Right of cancellation
You can revoke your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (eg. Letter, fax, e-mail). The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation.

The revocation must be sent to:
Address: MobileNetSolution Stuntzstrasse 36 80937 Munich Email: mail [@] mobilenetsolution.org

Consequences of revocation effective revocation
In the case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits are to be returned and any benefits (eg. As interest) surrendered. Can you give us the performance received whole or in part, or return them only in deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation for the value. This may cause you to withdrawal must fulfill the contractual payment obligations for the period however. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins with the declaration of revocation, for us with their receipt. End of revocation

Consequences of Withdrawal ineffective revocation
In the case of an ineffective revocation (outside the 14 day period, ungerechtmäsige dismissal, unjustified accusations, etc.) are MobileNetSolution reserves, refund the customer the full amount to be observed and set off with the already accomplished achievements. Entweige surpluses are not refunded.

12. Jurisdiction

12.1 Changes or additions to the contract including collateral agreements must be in writing.

12.2 Should one or more provisions of the contract, including the terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect in doubt the validity of all other provisions or agreements. Instead of the invalid provisions contrary to apply a provision that the economic purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible in a legally permissible manner.

12.3 Our jurisdiction is Munich in Bavaria. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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