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Display advertising platform provides your business with access to the most powerful branded networks at massive discounts.

Display advertising allows businesses to reach consumers through numerous major online publishers and networks such as Google, Yahoo, Right Media Exchange and Facebook. Compared to Adwords, display advertising is a longer-term investment that drives increased brand awareness and builds connections with future customers. The measurements of success in display advertising are based upon the number of site visits generated by clicking on the banner advertisement.


We optimise your budget to the websites and publisher networks that provide the highest number of visits and best click through rates for your product or service. This ‘activity based optimisation’ across publisher networks is unique to and is a key feature of our technology platform.

Remarketing to re-engage targeted customers

Our display advertising service also incorporates remarketing and retargeting, which are cookie technology based strategies that re-engages your previous website visitors as they continue browsing the web. We are using these strategies to more efficiently allocate price to groups that have already indicated interest in your product or service, leading to improved sales conversions.
We also handle banner ad design and can create the most effective banners for your campaign.

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